Im Rahmen unsere Erasmus+ Programms reisten 8 SchülerInnen und 2 Lehrkräfte für eine Woche zu unseren Partnern nach Mataró/Barcelona. Dort trafen sich alle Projektpartner (Spanien, Schweden, La Réunion, Deutschland) um an unserem Projekt "Digital Media Awareness - Fake News" zu arbeiten.



Hier gehts zu Bildern unserer Reise: Link

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Ein Bericht zu unserer Reise folgt in Kürze. 

Hier schon mal ein Resumé eines spanischen Schülers, wie er die Reise bzw. unseren Aufenthalt bei sich erlebt hat:

A necessary adventure
First of all, I have to say that I was really excited to participate in this Erasmus project since it would be my first time not only having a foreigner at my house but also talking in English for such a long time. As soon as I knew who I was hosting, I started talking with them, and everything went fine. After the exchange has happened, I cannot be more pleased with the friends that I have made this week and with all the things we did together. I thought that it would be more boring because of the fake news theme, but it was actually the thing that I enjoyed the most. The fact that a lot of people from different countries meet at the same place leads to not only improving your English skills but to learning about others’ cultures.
It is a very memorable experience. As I was talking about before, the fact that several cultures mix up in the same conversation can make you understand how some countries work, as well as the religions. For example, in my case, I had a muslim student as a guest, and we had lots of conversations about what do people in Spain think about their religion and how different it is from the local thoughts.
Regarding the fake news’ workshops, I think they do help a lot. The fact that they teach you how to prove whether a statement made on the internet is true or not is really helpful. Moreover, it is crazy to think that there are a lot of different types of fake news, depending on the main purpose. This has made me realize that fake news is a more common thing than many think it is.
Besides this, I found out that one of the most important things about this type of Erasmus projects is to know who you are hosting. For example, when we met at the airport, I was one of the few that already knew their guest. Thus, I think it should be mandatory to at least say something to the person you are hosting before meeting them personally. Another problem that I ran into was the lack of contact we all had with our fellow citizens. My guest, for example, did not know anyone from their school, nor did I, so it was kind of awkward at the beginning. Nevertheless, we all got along very well by the end of the week.
Throughout this week, I have been able to see my progress in English conversations. At first, I was very nervous and a little bit stuck because I thought I had to nail everything perfectly in order for my guest to understand what I wanted to say. It went perfectly afterwards, when we started doing all things together. Furthermore, I learned some expressions that helped me in explaining everything. In fact, it has helped not only me but my whole family as well. They have learnt a lot of words by looking at similarities between both languages, thus I think it could not have been better.
The best thing you can have while being in an Erasmus exchange is to have fun doing daily life. It also makes you realize how other people see Spain and why they like it so much. I liked the fact that everything we did was interesting for everyone, there was not any activity that could be described as boring. For example, walking around Barcelona while talking about the city, the culture and the traditions is a very memorable experience, where you feel good about making foreign people learn about your country.
To sum up, I think it is one of the best experiences you can have as an English-acknowledged student. I would recommend participating in this project to everyone who can afford either having someone as a guest or being the guest in another country, it is worth a shot. (By Eric from Mataró)


M. Schwarz